Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Thanksgiving: How to deep fry a turkey, Elvis lives, and a lot of Bud Light. . .

So although I currently reside in Brooklyn, my 'roots' are in Tennessee. And by roots, I mean that this where I go during the Holidays and when my friends are getting married. Anywho, Andrew, Vicki and I ventured to Memphis and Nashville over Thanksgiving for a taste of South. And boy did we do it right.

We arrived in Memphis to the smell of turkey frying in the backyard. It smelled like what I would describe as "McDonald's on steroids" so much oil and frying it's enough to make your arteries harden just by looking at it. But the end result is sooo delicious. Moist [ick, I hate that word but it's appropriate to describe the turkey] with crispy skin. I can't get enough. Other highlights of our meal was corn souflee, mashed potatoes [of course] and brownies for dessert. yummm If you've never deep fried a turkey before, check out the pic below. A little tid-bit. . .turkeys cost around 15 bucks. . .the oil to fry the turkey? 70 bucks. . the taste? Priceless.

The next day we headed out to see the sites in memphis. First Stop: Graceland.

Graceland was very interesting, especially learning all about Elvis' music and the history of his career. His house was. . .Intriguing. Highlight: The jungle room aka the family room with Green Shag carpet on the floor, walls, AND CEILING. Hot.

After working up an appetite we went to the Rendezvous for ribs. . .*Amazing*

After stuffing ourselves silly we headed to Nashville [my hometown] for some Country Music fun.

First Stop: Sonic . . . It was vicki's first time so we had to document it. Oh yeah, they have a new Chili Frito's wrap. We didn't try it, but Sonic is Genious.

After Sonic, we took Vicki out on the town 'honky tonkin'. Highlights: Bud light and a LOT of cigarette smoke.

And then it was the dreaded Sunday already, time to head back to NYC. Overall, great trip. Oh but how could I forget. . . we ended a fab weekend by seeing Borat.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Do you Google on Yahoo?

On the google blog recently, an official google blogger Michael Krantz tried to explain why they were in court protecting their trademark. Google is attempting to not allow, oh say the dictionary, to define google as a verb, i.e. to search for information on the internet. The link to his blog entry is here.

I found this interesting, because I do 'google.' And lucky for the company, I 'google' on But I guess some people don't [shame on them!] and that's why they are having the problem. Google claims that they don't want to fall by the wayside, like elevators, xerox, or kleenex and lose their trademark to the pits of 'genecerity.' [is that a real word?]

I don't have a huge problem with this and I see where they are coming from. But I think it may be too late. Their pesky lawyers can't stop the American [or global I guess] vernacular from embracing google and ultimately that's where the problem lies. If google is already defined in the dictionary, you're about a billion steps behind because Mr. Webster wouldn't waste his time with a word he didn't think would stick. Sorry, but fad words don't make it into the bible book of language. [psych!] They should have dealt with this issue a long time ago and now it's like stopping a snowball from growing while rolling down a hill.

Another thing that irks me is the actual blog entry. He was trying to be funny, but I think he came off as condescending. . .And frankly not very 'google-ish.' Google people should be funny, but defining a trademark? It just sounds like you think people are dumb [so maybe we are, but that's another story.] Also, I feel like they should have made fun of the lawyers more, that would be have made it like hey, it's not me, it's them. But maybe that's the problem--the line between the corporate, serious drones and the fun, laid-back google people has blurred. I guess it's hard to not be one of 'them' when you are company's net worth is $156 billion and you have a bajillion [don't know the exact amount, maybe I should google it] investors crawling down your back. Oh well, until their lawyer comes a knockin' I'll be googling.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Top Chef Spoiler Alert

I can't believe Josie got kicked off top chef!!! I think it was a bad choice because
a) she had never been in the bottom 3 before
b) Up until this point she had pretty much been middle of the line, but had so much potential
c) she's from williamsburg weee and
d) she has cool hair.

I can't believe it, I'm in shock. I guess I was right in my deduction that because she's working at Bonita she didn't win [not that Bonita isn't a fine establishment]. So if you want to go visit Josie and tell her she rocks and that Tom Colicchio was an idiot to kick her off, stop by bonita and be my guest. Also, while you are at it, pick up some guac and chips because they are delicious.

We love you Josie!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Google Search #1 of 14,200!!


Props to the person who searched for "Josie Top Chef Bonita" on Google because my blog comes up #1.

Very exciting. I'd like to thank Andrew for being a devoted reader, Lauren, Charisse, and Ruthana for commending me on my "Excited Double Fist Pump" and Vicki for mentioning I should post it on the blog.


In other news, Marco [crazy guy from the Upenn class] sent our ENTIRE class an e-mail. I have copied it verbatim below. Enjoy.

Dear All,

I think that everyone come back to yours commitments...How are you? I enjoy you so much...even if you are american or english...or whatever.....ah, ah, ah........
My time with you it was so fun...that I sent you an attachment with an italian picture....
...I'mjoking....To be onest.....many times I tought of you in theese days and it seems to me that the time run out so fast from when we were together in Philly...Thank you to be friendly with me....I hope to keep in touch with you in the future....A lot of kisses, Marco
P.S.= I enjoy professor Raju.....

and for an added bonus, he sent us a picture he obviously drew on 'paint' of two hand flicking us off. Normal.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Love affair with Scrubs

Me: Hi, My name is Lindsay and I'm addicted to the show Scrubs. Everyone: Hi Lindsay.

Okay, so I think I have a problem--I'm addicted and thoroughly obsessed with Scrubs. What's that you say? . . . Scrubs is like on it's 6th season where have you been? . . .There's plenty of other better, NEWER, TV to blog about? . . . Zach Braff really sucked a big one in that last movie? You're right, you're right, but unfortunately a) I was never introduced to the awesomeness that is Scrubs in the earlier seasons b) yes there is better, newer TV on but may I remind you I HAVE AN ADDICTION and c) actually zach braff was likeable in the last movie, but the script was horrible [not his fault--I'm sort of ignoring it and just concentrating on Garden State]. Lucky for me, between comedy central and my DVR I happily watch nearly 2 episodes a day. You see? I do have a problem.

In addition to the actual 'viewing' of Scrubs taking over my life, I've started thinking that the characters are my friends. [I probably am going to get hell for admitting that, but what can you do.] I have on more than 1 occasion had to stop myself before referring to the show in a conversation with real people. . examples: "Well J.D. did this once. . ." or "that's so something Elliott would say. .. " I've even for a split second considered becoming a doctor minus the whole blood thing [which if you know me is SO out of the question because I have a horrible fear of needles, blood, and pretty much anything about hospitals].

So I guess this is my first step--admitting the problem. I think Comedy Central is on season 3 or 4 so maybe this will be over soon. However, I hear the new season of Scrubs is approaching so basically I'm screwed. I mean, once a week is better than twice a day, right????

Friday, November 10, 2006

My 50th Entry!

Just wanted everyone to know that this is my 50th blog entry. [pat on the back to me!] Very exciting.

On another note, here's to my happy hangover weekend. Too much drinking is on the itinerary, but hopefully a lot of sleeping as well. Cheers!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let's chat. . .

So the last couple days have been pretty dramatic:

a) the election. I don't consider myself an overly political person [or even mildly] however, this election has been close to my heart since the gay marriage amendment was up for vote in Tennessee. I was a good little Nashvillian who knew my vote would be wasted in NYC so I got my absentee ballot in the hopes that maybe my vote would make a difference. But as per usual, TN ruins everything [umm do I even have to mention that Gore didn't win his home state back in 2000? yeah I tried to forget that too]. It really amazes me how many people even care about gay people getting married. If someone in your opinion is going to hell by their lifestyle WHY DO YOU CARE? It's just more room for you in heaven. In addition, Ford didn't win in the senate [another time we're ruining everything] so basically this is why I hate politics. As per a previous post, I'm a competitive person and I like to win and these days it's just not in my cards.

b) Britney Spears is getting divorced. That's one big "I told you so." Poor gal. I really do feel sorry for now that she's a Divorcee with two kids in tow. Granted she has more money than I will ever see in a lifetime, but I feel like she went through a lapse of judgement for two years and because she was a celebrity we all get to gawk and laugh at her. We all have lapses in judgement, but fortunately [errr] for us we aren't under a microscope. Oh well, at least she's showering again.

C) So Lost was on last night for the last time until February 7. Yes, you heard me correctly 02-07-07. Who does that? 6 episodes and then nothing for 3 months. It's like waving the little bit of cheese in front of my face and then BANG mouse trap SUCKA. DAMN YOU JJ ABRAMS!Anyways, I feel like it wasn't nearly enough of the show to fill the Lost void that exists in my heart. It ended with too many questions, too much drama and a little bit of "what are you thinking" that makes me angry that I have to wait 3 months. And it's not like a season finale which I have become forced to accept every year--that my shows end in May and that I switch to DVDs in the summer. No No NO, I waited 4 long months in the summer for Lost to return. Then I waited til October [after everything else had already premiered] and NOW you're making me wait til February? The producers obviously don't respect my TV watching time. Fall/Winter/Spring = Good TV and Good TV = Lost. I may just not watch the show when it returns [you're right, I will, who am I kidding?] But seriously, they shouldn't take us for granted. P.S. I heart Kate's ex-husband. Firefly is amazing.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Long time, No Blog

So after a week of going back to school I've learned a very important thing...I don't like school. I thought I knew this, but I was thinking it was because I maybe took the wrong class, or was bombarded by tests. This week kind of confirmed that although I dont' mind it, especially when it's a class I like, it's really not my cup of tea. But frankly, if it's a class I like it's probably something I've learned about some other way [oh say the internet]. I've always done well in school, but that's just because I'm competitive--I'm not the book learning type. I always thought the more brilliant people I knew didn't do so well in school--I think street smarts will take you a lot further.

Anyways, high-lights include: 1) a christopher knight/johnny depp/tom cruise/orlando bloom/matt le blanc look alike. I promise you, depending on the angle he was all these things [although not as good looking]...2) A guy who texted his boss when he was meaning to text his girlfriend. . . "Hi Cup cake. Hope you're nude when I get home because I'm going to devour you." 3) one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, flooor. [i guess that wasn't a high-light, more of a haze) 4) MARRRCCOOOOO [crazy italian mafia guy who showed up to about 25% of class and yelled out answers without raising his hand] 5) Marco taking a picture of the professor with his digital camera during the middle of class. classic.

Overall, money well spent by my company. I had a pretty exciting day yesterday as well. Highlights: 1) Watching the NYC marathon right outside my front door. 2) Seeing Lance Armstrong [crazy guy] running it. . . but last but not least 3) I saw Josie from Top Chef at my favorite restaurant Bonita. She must be working there b/c we saw her go into the kitchen. Which makes me think she doesn't win...oh well, go Josie!! [and special thanks to Andrew for making me look like an idiot in front of her. . ."Oh my god, look who it is!!]