Friday, October 27, 2006

Get your Doctor's note. . .

H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. And on the slightly same note, I'm going to try to go see Justin Timberlake in CT in march!! sshhhhhh

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Dove Evolution

This video is amazing. Ogilvy Toronto did it, showing how even a 00 size model doesn't look good when they wake up in the morning [and how most of the ads we see in magazines, etc. are airbrushed. yay technology!] This whole campaign is really powerful to me, it was about time someone put a stand to our country's/continent's misperception of what beautiful is. Another great show that show along this same line is 'Covershot' on TLC which takes women and makes them up, hair, clothes, makeover and gives them a real photoshoot. A picture of them is then posted on a billboard in times square. These women are definitely plain janes [more just 'normal' looking] before they go in. Some are mothers of 5, some just lost 300 pounts either way the Model who hosts the show's main message is that Models look like Models because they have a crew of people making them look good every day. If they had to do it on their own, they wouldn't look the same. Pretty powerful eye-opening stuff.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Studio 60: Major Yawnfest

So I watched Studio 60 last night and was actually optimistic since last week's episode was pretty good [but not good enough to blog about apparently, I'm still skeptic]. Maybe because I had such *high* hopes [actually, my hopes were about as high as my shin] Studio 60 was doomed to fail. Either way, they crashed and burned.

Mistake #1: They spent a lot of time around my least liked character Harriet Hays. She sucks and is completely unbelievable: see post "And I think I'm done with Studio 60."

Mistake #2: Hariett's last line was "You knock my socks off" to Matthew Perry. At which point I made uncontrollable vomiting noises and started throwing things at the TV. Andrew's response was "That's so something she would say, it's very appropriate." My response: "That's exactly why I hate her." WHO SAYS THAT? Other than, say my grandmother circa 1980 no one should be knocking any one socks off. She just should have stayed quiet.

Mistake #3: Very unfunny skits. Again.

Mistake #4: Nothing happened. I like the reporter gal, but us uncovering boring details about Hariett does NOT make an episode. I need something dramatic, something more, Actually ANYTHING. Last week's episode was good because we thought they fucked up and that was quasi-intriguing. Like I was saying to Andrew last night, the difference between this show and The West Wing is that in a presidential office there's a lot of stuff that can happen, say wars, elections, sex scandals. I'm sure a lot can happen on the set of SNL but they sure aren't showing it.

So I know the question in your mind is are you going to keep watching Studio 60? The answer, unfortunately is yes. Well at least until 24 starts up again at the same time slot in January. And then Jack Bauer is going to KILL Studio 60. There's only 1 show with numbers on the title on Monday and that's 24.

On a side note, Heroes is my new favorite show. I will blog about it later in the week, but it's SO GOOD. If you aren't watching it, check out and get caught up yo!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mappy Hour? The new coolest thing EVER!

Hi All,

I am here writing to pass on the coolest website this side of, well, [insert your own clever internet reference here]. It's called Mappy Hour and it's frickin cool.

Check Out:

Let's talk about the cool features [other than the fact it tells you where all the bars are!]:
-When you click down on the map, a happy face comes up where you click. HOW CUTE! Plus, it's eyes are glazed over and it looks drunk. It's a drunk happy face [how appropriate].
-When you click on a bar [also appropriately animated as a beer glass] you can link to [another of my favorite websites] to read reviews of the bar.
-You can also "rally your friends" to go to the bar. I'm not quite sure how this works, but that's cool. Speaking of rallying, another cool website to check out is
-It's powered by google maps. And if you know me, you know I'm a google whore so I obviously love that.

While I'm throwing links left and right, I highly recommend everyone go to Use your gmail account to log in. [What?? You don't have a gmail account?? e-mail me and I'll send you an invite]. Googol reader is a place where you can consolidate all your online reading [blogs like me, websites, etc] into one place. So you don't have to check lots of websites, you just go to the reader. If you put my web address into the 'add/subscribe' box you can 'subscribe' to my website and it will automatically update when there is new content! How cool is that? For those of you that know all this already, obviously please ignore. But I keep finding more and more people these days who haven't heard of it so I'm on a mission!

ps. props to andrew for sending me the mappy hour link.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And I think I'm done with Studio 60. . .

And by done, I mean I'm publicly proclaiming that "I do not like the show right now," however, because I am in a "relationship" and am supposed to "compromise" I will continue to watch it while stomping my feet, whining, and covering my eyes.

anyway, I liked the first show. I kind of liked the second one, but now it's just getting a bit blah. It's not bad, it's just blah [maybe blah is worse? I don't know.] Here's what's bothering me:

1. It's a little cliche. A jeopardy-like skit featuring a rabbi, a Muslim, a conservative Christian, tom cruise, and a witch? Come on, that's just desperate. And predictable.
2. It tries a little too much. It blatantly at least twice an episode alludes to the fact that Studio 60 is 'edgy' or is trying to 'push the envelope.' If you are really 'edgy' you don't have to tell people. You just are. [by the way can you blatantly allude? Interesting thought. . .But I think in this show you can.]
3. The Christian thing is unbelievable. I feel like these people have never been around conservative Christians before. There are two types of conservative Christians [probably more, but I'm too lazy to classify at the moment] a) one that would never put themselves in an atmosphere like Studio 60 b) and one that would. The difference is the one that would put themselves in an atmosphere like Studio 60 would probably not be so vocal about their religion. These conservative Christians are more stealth and probably believe in the "do not speak until I'm spoken to" principal where if people want to hear about Christianity they'll ask. Harriet Hays [the Christian on the show] is type B but is so overly vocal about her Christianity it becomes unbelievable to me. And why the fuck is she defending some teensy town in Missouri? Yes, they do have a right to run [or not run] any play they like, just like we have the right to make fun of them. And replacing it with the bear joke? Lame.
4. They never played crazy Christians. If they did, I would have a lot more respect for the show. If they think they are adding some 'mystery' to the show by not playing it, they are hugely mistaken.
5. None of the skits are funny. "Pimp my trike" was close, but feel like it's been done before and we only got a glimpse of a trike, not an actual skit. Further, we hardly get to see any skits, which I know is not the point, but it makes me think all of the skits are bad and that's why we're not seeing it.

Oh and another thing that this blogger who I highly recommend mentioned is that people like gossip and scandal about the people in the show not those that are running it. I could not name one single producer or executive of NBC but I can name a lot of the actors that are in the shows and probably where they live and the name of their dog walker. We.Don't.Care.That.Jordan.Got.A.DUI. Period. It's uninteresting and another unbelievable part of the show.