Thursday, October 04, 2012

Predicted popular Baby names in France 2013

So I'm happy to report that @Natalie's news is pregnant with a baby boy!! I was unable to attend the gender reveal party, but I take pleasure in knowing that she told me a good 4 days before people in the US due to outrageous costs of flights from paris and the annoyance of jet lag. It looked like a super fun time, although it seems fairly cruel to do a baby shower at a winery when the mama can't drink! Natalie, however, reports that it didn't matter to her and the setting was beautiful. She's a saint -- Only juice for all guests if I ever have one of these things! (I kid, I kid...sort of).

In honor of their precious cargo on the way, I thought I would give the happy couple some help in the naming department. I came across a list of predicted 'hot' baby names in France for 2013. Check out these gems!

Boys : Nathan, Lucas, Léo, Enzo, Louis, Gabriel, Jules, Timés, Hugo, Arthur, Ethan, Raphaël, Maël, Tom, Noah, Mathis, Théo, Adam, Nolan and Clément.
(And just to tame your curiosity, here are the girls names. Or in case the ultrasound was wrong! not to freak you out, but it happens)
Girls: Emma, Lola, Chloé, Inès, Léa, Jade, Manon, Louise, Zoé, Lilou, Léna, Sarah, Camille, Maëlys, Lina, Éva, Louna, Clara, Alice and Romane.
I must say Enzo Pratt has a nice ring to it. Or Maël. I think that's a practical decision -- putting the umlaut  or any accent on an american boy's name. I can just see the tennesseean's reaction now...Is it spelled mail as in the post or male as in the gender? That has to be the darndest name I ever done seen.
According to a totally unreliable website, the top American baby names for 2013 are:
Boys' names in the top 100: Elijah, Grayson, Henry, Ian, Isaiah, Levi, Oliver, Parker
Those are pertty cute...sounds like there is a bit of a biblical name revival going on, but I dig it. Although Grayson skirts dangerously close to the main character in Natalie and my's favorite trilogy as of late 50 shades of Gray :)
Anywho, I am beyond excited to meet the little guy! He better get ready for some cute parisian outfits which include stripes and a beret! weeeee (once again the southerners are going to LOVE it...what is that strange piece of cloth on that poor baby's head?)


susie said...

Ooh! Parker is a trendsetter, ahead of the curve!

Natalie Corinne said...

AGH!!! I love all of them :) you are so awesome!!!!!

Natalie Corinne said...

AND when we finally decide on the names I'll let you know early, too... unless one of us gets our own plane by then :)